Questions? We’re sure you have lots.
We totally appreciate your curiosity we’d want to know that the products we’re breathing in or putting on our skin are of the highest quality too.



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The essential oil industry has been dominated by multi-level marketing companies and businesses with a retail focus. At KOTANICAL, we do things differently, we distill essential oils for many reasons including the experience of being from start to drop so we gain first hand knowledge what a pure oil is by our own hand and we grow our own herbs for distillation so we are one of the few companies that go way beyond just ordering online and putting a over inflated price tag on it. As a digital, direct-to-consumer essential oil company, we only sell online and to select wholesale partners. This means we can offer high quality, 100% organic essential oils at a fraction of the price that traditional companies do. Our prices never compromise our quality—we offer a more affordable option because we believe you should be able to use essential oils freely throughout your day. 





Frankincense in summer

All of our essential oils are 100% pure with absolutely no fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances or unnatural components of any kind. They’re also tested on 3 different occasions for purity and potency by our in-house chemist Robert Murphy (B.Sc Chemical And Pharmaceutical science) and distiller Karl Murray. After they’ve been tested, we bottle the oils in bottles so no light or oxygen can reach them. Then they're stored in a temperature-controlled building while they wait to be shipped directly to you.

Our essential oils are certified organic and tested beyond the requirements of a logo we are currently working on KOTANICAL to be certified organic not just the oils. 


Let’s talk about "Therapeutic Grade"

You might have heard the term ”Therapeutic Grade” used to describe essential oils. This term is not an industry standard—it's a term certain essential oil companies trademark and use to describe their products. That’s why we don’t use it as part of our language, but we’re happy to speak to the quality of our oils in simple terms: they’re completely free of fillers and contaminants and are BS free!



From France to Madagascar, we bring you the best essential oils from around the world. Currently, we work with distillers/farms in over 15 different countries and are the only company that grows and distills here in Ireland.