KOTANICAL is the first company in Ireland to distill oil from natural native sources.

 While others import oils and re-bottle, Founder Karl Murray saw the potential in the abundance of flora available if one was to look closer to home.Spending over six years practicing and researching essential oil distillation techniques and experimenting with wild crafted ingredients, the vision became a reality through growing herbs himself, local sourcing methods and his relationships with farmers and growers.

The production of Ireland's first and only essential oils began.

Mission Statement 

Distill with integrity. Develop with community. Grow through honesty.

Vision Statement 

By building strong relationships with consumers, growers and partners, KOTANICAL aims to establish Ireland as a transparent essential oil hub where botanical's meet innovation One seed at a time.

Minimal Waste Commitment 

As our commitment to minimal waste 

We will take back all used essential oil bottles including our competitors.