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Spirit Diffuser Blend

Spirit Diffuser Blend

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Meditation has become increasingly popular over the years. But if you’re struggling to relax and get into the ‘zone’ it can be hard to feel the benefit. Meditation can be a great way to naturally destress and help promote both mental and physical wellbeing. Our Spirit diffuser blend brings together a range of relaxing scents to help set your mind at ease when you meditate, perfect for any space.


What’s In The Spirit Diffuser Blend?

Comprised of five different oils each bringing their own personal touch of body and soul including:



Lavender produces a divine fragrance which helps put your body and mind into a calming state, making the perfect aroma when trying to destress.



Peppermint can help improve the quality of your sleep as well as relieving things like tension headaches and migraines making it a great ingredient to help put you at ease and instil calmness.



The aroma of sage is often said to help instil balance and elicit a sense of calmness and bestow balance to those around. The perfect choice of scent when attempting to peacefully meditate.


Sandal Wood

Calming and relaxing, sandal wood, when used within aromatherapy can help to promote mental clarity making it great when using this scent to reach the spiritual mind-set needed to meditate.



It is often said that frankincense can help to promote deep feelings of peace, mental wellness and help entice gentle feelings of relaxation.


How To Properly Use The Spirit Diffuser Blend

The Spirit diffuser blends an aromatic sensational combination of potent oils. We recommend you use 3-5 drops at a time when topping up your diffuser.


  • Be sure to switch the diffuser off.
  • Open both the cover and plastic lid.
  • Fill the tank with 100ml of water.
  • Use 3-5 small drops of the Spirit blend.
  • Ensure the cover and lid are put back on.
  • Switch your diffuser on again.
  • You can decide if you wish to use a fragrant mist style or intermittent burst style setting.
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